For high traffic areas such as Hotel rooms and corridors, ballrooms, banqueting rooms and restaurants, there is no better carpet type than an Axminster carpet. Traditionally it is an 80/20 Wool/Nylon mix but other blends and fibres can be used. If you would prefer other mixes and fibres simply ask, and we will produce a sample for you to consider or select from.

Axminster woven carpets remain the perfect choice for all high traffic areas, there is simply nothing better.

Advantages of Axminster

Longevity and Design Flexibility

  • Axminster carpet is widely popular in luxurious hotels around the world.

Made-to-order Axminster Facility

  • Allows for production of small run woven broadlooms.

Unique Finishes to Our Axminsters

  • The ability to add unique finishes with sculpturing and yarn high-lighting.



Specifically for the Hospitality Industry

Smartt rugs are uniquely developed for the hospitality market and high-end multi-outlet retail stores. They are finished just like a hand-tufted area rug with wrap over edging and can be carved to achieve a 3D/embossing type effect. Smartt rugs are ideally suited to multi-outlet rooms/stores with hard surface flooring.


Why Use Smartt Rugs?

  • Cost-Effective – 40-50% less expensive than handcrafted rugs.
  • Has a handcrafted look and finish, with a production time of about 30 days.
  • Flexibility in design and colour.
  • Can be made with wool, nylon or a combination of both.
  • Reduces room cost maintenance and passes Class 1 fire requirements in the USA, Europe and Australia.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty.


Skilled craftsmen combine cut pile and loop construction with the finest fibres available. Using a blend of wool, silk, bamboo, viscose, cotton, linen, lurex, acrylic and polyester to create custom designs, colours and finishing techniques to produce wonderful effects. Sculpting and carving introduce a sense of dimension that is as irresistible to the hand as they are to the eye. Devoted and highly specialised craftspeople use techniques that take decades to master, creating the finest carpets and rugs.


Advantages of hand-tufted/crafted carpet.


No design limitations – from plain to very sophisticated design

No Colour Limitation

  • Customise any colour.
  • Can use as many colours as possible.

No Construction Limitation

  • From the single level of cut or loop to mix multi-level cut/loop with carving.

No Material / Fibre Limitation

  • From single material type to mix of multi-materials.

No Size or shape limitation.

  • Perform as well, if not better than Axminster or machine tufted.



Carpet Tiles are designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of public places such as hotels, casinos, offices, airports, libraries, hospitals, clubs and banks.

The styles of carpet face can be a level-looped pile, high-low loop pile, cut pile, sheared pile and graphic patterns. Made with PVC, rubberised and PU cushion environmentally friendly backing.