Carpet Supplier in Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and All over Africa

We, the Mashreq Flooring are the Best carpet supplier in Nigeria and Rwanda. Mashreq Flooring is a leading flooring contractor that supplies all types of carpets. We supply Axminster carpets, hand-tufted carpets, custom-made luxury carpets, and loose carpet rugs for residential and commercial floors.

Carpets in Nigeria

Mashreq Flooring is a rapidly growing carpet supplier in Nigeria. We are a well-known carpet supplier for homes and the hospitality sector. We deal in carpet supply and installation for the above-mentioned areas. Mashreq flooring is one of the best carpet suppliers in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Carpet Flooring Supplier in Rwanda

We, Mashreq Flooring is the name of a comfortable and eco-friendly carpet flooring contractor in Rwanda. No matter in Kigali or any city in Rwanda, we provide our best services related to carpet supply in Rwanda. We provide the world’s best handmade carpets in Rwanda. Our carpets are most comfortable and beautiful, professionally designed with love.

Please feel free to ask us for any type of carpet supply in Rwanda.

Handtufted Carpet Supplier in Kenya

Like other countries in Africa, Mashreq Flooring is providing its best services in Kenya. We supply Axminster carpet, hand-tufted carpet, custom-made carpet, hand-made carpet, carpet tiles and carpet loose rugs in Kenya. We love to decorate your homes and commercial areas like hotels and your offices with our durable carpet flooring.

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Wool Carpet Supplier in Africa

Mashreq flooring is one of the best carpet suppliers in Africa. We’re a rising star in the market of carpet suppliers in Africa. We supply all types of carpet flooring in almost all countries of Africa especially, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda.

Our Wool carpet is world-famous. We manufacture hand-tufted or hand-made carpets with 100% lamb wool. The carpet which is manufactured with 100% lamb wool becomes most comfortable for your steps. We make it health-friendly and environment-friendly.

We also deal in Axminster carpet. Durability, life expectancy, and high-quality construction make Axminster carpet a premium product that is not more expensive to purchase than tufted products; however, it has excellent appearance retention and durability.

Mashreq flooring is today’s best choice for the supply of carpets in Africa.

If you’re looking for carpet flooring in Africa. Give us a try. We will decorate your floor with the world’s best carpet designs.